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Complete List of Services

Amazon Seller Account Management 

Developing high-value listings on Amazon Seller is complicated. Let our experts manage your account at every step, using all of our resources and products, to build your sales volume quickly and profitably! We know the ins and out's of Amazon Seller Central and our team can maximize your product placement, as well as create your brand if needed, then promote and build it to compete aggressively and succeed. We will share the knowledge that has elevated both seasoned brands and start-ups, to multi-million dollar sellers within 3 years. All while you devote your time to growing your business. Let us Supercharge your brand and give you the advantage your products deserve.


Amazon PPC Management

We are experts at market and keyword research and we use this information to develop smart ad campaigns. These ads target the customer who is ready to buy now and often result in rapid sales growth. The name of the game is to have a low AcOS and percent of the cost per sale. Many in PPC management believe all listings should be advertised, all the time. We know that this is not possible for many sellers. Even the most carefully calibrated ads can ebb and flow, occasionally raising your overall AcOS to 20+ percent. Unless you have an enormous profit margin, this isn't tolerable. Even if growing your business, how long can this go on? We evaluate your business and set a reasonable CPC and growth goal to prevent profits from evaporating during growth campaigns.

A+ Your Products - a la carte

Let us create a catching, convincing A+ page to close more sales. Every qualifying product should have an A+ page. Last year, Amazon accounted for 60% of all online sales in the U.S. If you’re selling on Amazon, you’d be wise to get the most out of your product pages. All products with a registered brand qualify for A+ pages. You don't want to miss out on utilizing this powerful marketing to close your sales! A+ pages are the large ad area as you scroll down below the main listing, found below the product listing replacing the "product description" area, above the "technical details" box.

Amazon SEO, Categories, and Keywords

From Outdoors to Automotive to Consumer Goods, we understand the Amazon Search Network and how to get products to populate in organic searches. Amazon algorithms do a great job of getting the right products in front of the right customers, but only if the product listings are completed within listing regulations.  This requires some keyword research and compliance with parameters set by Amazon. Over-placing or improper placement of keywords or incorrect categories can negatively greatly affect your placement. Correct and accurate keywords within the title and description, along with a correctly formatted main photo, can place your product with or above competitors. Better yet, in front of the right customers. We can offer options to complete your products entirely or train the personnel on your team. 


Amazon Brand Creation and Development

We can register your unique brand on Amazon, develop branded content to stand out from competitors, and dominate the market! When complete, our team will build an original Amazon Store and create brand advertising to begin carving your brand's mark within the category product keyword searches your products fall within. Brand Registration offers many benefits and is a prerequisite to controlling brand product ads and creating your store. Let us tell you about what brand registration can bring you.


Amazon Listing Development

We are experts at building high-quality Amazon Product Listings while utilizing all of the native features within the platform to strengthen sales growth. This is a quoted service product as clients may have an onboard graphics team or existing useable media. Top-quality, stand-out listings are extremely important. This is the medium by which your product is judged, in coordination with the keyword placement, bullet points, and title. Not to mention that placement on Amazon's results favors listings that include all EBC elements; a product photo that meets Amazon standards, 6 photos, and a video. We will evaluate any current media that you might have and recommend what can be used. This process is much more complicated than it sounds. EBC photos can include sales bullet points, usage or lifestyle shots, and other marketing methods. Category choices, keyword placement, and trials are also included in Listing Development.


Amazon Inventory Management

Our account management team will optimize Amazon FBA Inventory so that products remain in stock while selling fast enough to eliminate unnecessary storage fees. The product includes avoiding costly storage and shipping charges, prep fees, and even worse, running out of inventory. Amazon FBA can be a Bear at first. Let us make it easy for you.

Amazon FBA Prep and Training

We can get you set up and shipped on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), additionally training your shipping manager or coordinator (buyer or merchandiser) in everything they need to know to profitably utilize FBA. This includes how to avoid costly storage and shipping charges, prep fees, and even worse, running out of inventory. The average Amazon FBA Seller losses thousands in lost sales, prep fees, return shipping and storage, etc. We can help you eliminate costly problems as you actually increase sales and pay less for customer shipping than you are probably paying now.

Social Media Marketing*

Let us market and manage your social media for your website or Amazon. We can show you how to get Amazon to co-op your Advertising, reducing your marketing budget significantly. Or, produce and launch marketing techniques to bring your products to the forefront and aggressively compete with the competition. Bring us on for a launch, or seasonal market assault, or manage your accounts full-time.


Amazon Global Expansion

Expand your Amazon empire to one or multiple countries beginning within your current market, or choose from North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Japan, India, or the Middle East. Utilize Pan-European or FBA distribution methods. Assistance in business permits, VAT, duties, customs, bookkeeping, as well as legal and required compliance (outside costs not included).

Walmart, eBay, or Etsy Platform Management

You don't have to struggle to keep up with changing rules, parameters, and algorithms on multiple platforms. We can transfer data, make all of the required changes and compliance, and integrate your shipping into ShipStation, Quickbooks, or another platform. We then manage the day-to-day operations, inventory levels, marketing, online customer service, communications with the platform, and more.

Professional Business Development Consulting

Business consulting for retail, wholesale, or manufacturing by our founder with 30 years of global experience building, managing, and consulting businesses throughout the USA and 12 other countries. He has guided businesses struggling with growth for more than 30+ years to reach multi-million dollar increases. And building brand value for sale in less than 3 years. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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