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Account Management
for Amazon Seller Central

Often Amazon sellers begin selling with very little knowledge of Amazon, planning, or marketing efforts. Their idea is solid. To sell great products on Amazon, they simply need to offer their proven products. In reality, They don't know what they don't know and have either embarked on a long costly learning process, or they will eventually give up and decide that Amazon isn't everything they thought. But there is also a third option. Without the time to begin taking Amazon classes and watch hours of contradictory YouTube videos, they chug along dabbling in Amazon advertising. All the while not realizing that they have too little knowledge or data to know that they are probably losing money, during a time when they should be building a multi-million dollar online business.


We can help with a fourth option. For an extremely reasonable rate, we will manage your Amazon business for you, keeping you or your team in the loop daily, and maximize your brand's opportunity online. We start with a planned strategy based on data that we collect from your current business, research on your products Amazon categories, keywords, and competitor performance. We Analyze your Products and locate Opportunities, then we will work with you to Set Goals and create an Action Plan. As our current and past clients confirm, you will feel confident knowing that you now have a plan based on data, knowledge, and experience. Unlike POP Advertising firms, we don't falsely increase your volume with an exorbitant ad bill. We grow your business and maintain your margins.

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