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Amazon Product Review Assistance

Amazon reviews can be difficult and discouraging. Perhaps every seller's first realization of Amazon is that every product depends on good reviews. Bad reviews can literally kill any product, regardless of whether it is deserving or not. And when introducing a new product, an early unfair review or two can take months to overcome. We apply a number of techniques that prevent bad reviews, promote good reviews, and accelerate reviews in general. The program can be purchased a la carte, but we recommend it along with our Listing program or Seller Central Account Management program.


Amazon seems to be almost self-destructive when it comes to the review and review removal process. There seems to be very little a seller can do to protect their products from unfair and inaccurate reviews, or to increase reviews on a product. Other than the "Vine Program" which we will discuss further. Although there are "Amazon legal" methods to gain reviews on a new product and prevent those despised inaccurate bad reviews. Our method is to be proactive about reviews. We offer proven techniques to increase positive reviews, as well as prevent negative reviews.


Amazon's position on gaining good reviews is about product listing accuracy. If you receive a bad, inaccurate review and you open a resolution case to have hit removed, you will find that in most cases Amazon refuses to remove the review. They will suggest that you edit your listing so as to avoid additional negative reviews. Their only advice is a 3-step checklist regarding your listing. This can be extremely discouraging to sellers, particularly those whose products require training, or some knowledge to use. However, in the right hands this information Amazon bestows, can be very useful in the process of creating listings that result in 5-star reviews.

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