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Amazon Listings

There is nothing else about Amazon that is more important than creating high quality listings.  Your product and your business are entirely judged by this all-encompassing introduction. Product keywords and product title, number of photos, presence of video and A-1, will all affect both page and position placement in the customers search results. Perfect high-quality color photos with description information, technical info, bullet details, or selling points and a video "how to use" or detail ad, can be all that you need to close, or not close, every visitor to your listing. The quality of the prime photo and title or product description will likely affect whether your listing is clicked on or not. It doesn't get more vital to your business than that.


We run keyword research for your products as well as identify and research the listings of your competitors. The comparison equips us with not only the best approach to overcoming competition but we identify any opportunities in untapped keyword areas. We evaluate your media and enhance our listing b creating EBC, or enhanced brand content photos, which may add bullet points or other product information to photos.
Note: You must be the brand registered owner of the brand of the product to make changes to product listings, unless you are the first to list the product.


If you do not have video footage to create a product video, we may outline step-by-step video production for you by creating banner information, suggested shots, or dialog. We can also create the video for you, but it is not included in this a la carte service. In addition, we will create your product A+ ad, which is a large graphic ad that follows just below the product listing in the description area.

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