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Comprehensive Online Sales Services

Do you know why foreign manufacturers on Amazon, selling at lower prices, don't sell their own products as well as their customers selling on Amazon at higher prices? The answer is easy for natives. Trust and customer service. With AGG you become a domestic native seller in the market with domestic customer service, appearance, and address. There are other advantages too. Contact us today and find out how you increase your Amazon business by as much as 1800%.


The Death of Retail Shops
Anyone can see that there has been a devastating shift from brick-and-mortar retail around the world. Throughout the US, UK, and the west, retail stores have declined and many have closed. Even the largest and most successful major department stores have closed thousands of locations worldwide. Online sales, e-comm websites, and platforms like Amazon have overtaken the retail world. Last year, Amazon alone accounted for 60% of all online sales in the U.S. This phenomenon has changed the future of manufacturing. In coming years, manufacturing businesses will increasingly sell directly to consumers creating a segment of what will be the wealthiest and the most powerful companies in history.

The Future of Retail

The day has come when middlemen, wholesalers, distributors, and even retailers are no longer necessary. Manufacturers have begun to assemble factory inventories and sell directly to consumers on retail platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others. 

For the manufacturers arriving at this sales model. first, it has been extremely profitable. Profit margins from production to retail for these factories are incredibly high and justify banking investments. Offerings and foreign investment has produced highly successful manufacturing companies that dominate the market.

The Opportunities for Manufacturing

Have you as a manufacturer begun to take advantage of this magnificent opportunity to steal the lead in your industry's manufacturing segment? In many manufacturing countries, it is not too late to be one of the first to take advantage of this high-margin opportunity. Expanding your business into these rewarding foreign markets is not as difficult as you might think. In many countries, with help, it is easier than selling to consumers in your own country.


Contact AGG today and begin organizing your entry into this lucrative market. We can have your products sold to consumers in the US, Canadian, UK, and/or EU markets within 30 days of packaging your products. Contact AGG today.

Why Manufacturers sell on Amazon USA

Here are just a few of the benefits of selling your products on Amazon USA, Canada, UK, AU, EU, and around the world.

  • Gain access to millions of potential customers

  • Have an enormous advantage over competitors.

  • Manufacturer margins provide tremendous profits.*

  • Make your factory brand name a leader in your industry.

  • Factory brands are the future of Global retail.

  • Your opportunity to build a worldwide customer base.

Services Needed to
Build an Amazon Business Abroad

Gov Business Permits and Banking 

​We work with you to provide all of the government, banking, and Amazon requirements to begin selling in the USA and other countries of your choice.​

  • Domestic Phone number

  • Amazon Account and FBA Inventory Assistance

  • EIN (for US taxpayers), VAT registration (UK, EU, AU, CA)

  • W-8BEN tax form for non-US taxpayers

  • Domestic Bank account

    • Tax Payment via service​


Amazon Brand Reg, FBA Listing & Shipping Set-up

This service is to assist you in getting set up and organized to ship to FBA and sell from your own Amazon listings within the US or your new foreign markets. We assist you at every step of the way to get your products listed properly, and your shipping office and warehouse prepared to ship to Amazon abroad. We must first apply for Brand Registration for your brand, in order to take full legal control of your products, brand name, logo, and listings. Additionally, we take your existing product media and create new media in the native language(s) and style of your new market(s), in order to appeal to customers. This includes EBC photo ads, an A+ page, descriptions, keyword research, and accurate categories, and more. Product launch PPC advertising can also be added.


Seller Central Account Managment

With the Seller Central Account Management service, we manage your Amazon account, and FBA for you day to day. This service is our most popular product domestically and abroad. We do pretty much everything on Amazon for a fair price. This comprehensive seller account management includes listing optimization, structured customer service, reviews, advertising, supply chain management, including projected sales for advance re-order, and more. We do it all. Don't just take our advice, let us take care of it for you.​

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